UpMetrics Launches Free Impact Framework Building Tool for Impact Organizations

Functionality Offered as Part of a Platform Release Designed to Improve Impact Measurement and Management for Nonprofits, Grantmakers and Impact Investors

San Francisco, CA (3/26/2024)— UpMetrics, an impact measurement and management software company, today announced the release of its new and improved Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) Suite, purpose-built to help mission-driven organizations measure, maximize, and showcase the positive social or environmental impact of their work.

Offering innovative new features such as their Impact Framework Builder, in-app process guidance, and large-scale visual design updates to improve navigation and overall modernization, the UpMetrics platform contains powerful functionality that empowers organizations to Define, Collect, Analyze, and Leverage impact data to drive learning and insights that can be used to drive greater outcomes.

As part of this platform rollout, UpMetrics provides free access to the Impact Framework Builder functionality as part of a Starter package offering. Studies show that organizations that have an impact framework are three times more likely to receive funding because they can transparently demonstrate how they drive impact while telling more compelling stories that move funders to act.

“The task of defining and operationalizing impact measures is a challenge for many mission-driven organizations and often impedes their ability to effectively utilize information,” says Drew Payne, CEO, UpMetrics. “Our Impact Framework Builder is a free, easy-to-use tool that empowers organizations to measure, manage and communicate their impact, paving the way to access mission aligned capital that will maximize outcomes and long-term sustainability.”

The platform functionality is designed around UpMetrics’ four-stage IMM methodology, DeCAL, a process for strategically evaluating and communicating the effectiveness of programs, initiatives, and capital allocation. Those four stages are:

  • Define - UpMetrics’ free Impact Framework Builder makes it easy to align an organization’s mission, vision and strategies with objectives and key impact indicators (KIIs) to measure progress towards their goals by providing a guided process, pre-built templates, and library of common KIIs.
  • Collect - The UpMetrics platform enables organizations to collect and manage data from multiple sources in one place, creating a single source of truth, saving time, and eliminating unnecessary complexity and data duplication while updating dashboards in real-time.
  • AnalyzeUpMetrics’ real-time data visualizations and dashboards allow organizations to understand how and where they’re driving impact, create benchmarks to measure ongoing progress toward goals, and identify ways to maximize outcomes. Customizable visualization options, including tables, charts, and geo-mapping with filtering capabilities, reveal data trends and help drive informed decisions. Users can also align stories, photos, and other qualitative data elements with quantitative data to add valuable context to their numbers.
  • LeverageUsing the insights captured within their dashboards, organizations can demonstrate the impact they’re making in real-time and easily share updates with internal and external stakeholders via sharable dashboards and embedded visualizations. This also empowers them to effectively and transparently tell their story of impact to drive action and engagement, improve fundraising efforts, and ultimately scale their ability to effect positive change.

"Some people think proving impact must be simple, but it’s not. If you’re going to make an intentional effort to create a specific change, it takes a thoughtful strategy coupled with robust impact reporting capabilities,” says Will Morgan, Managing Director and Head of Impact at Sonen Capital. “UpMetrics has
been a true partner in helping us simplify our impact data collection practices, and visualize our growing body of impact data - and thus measure the extent to which we’re achieving our intentions."

Payne adds, “In today’s data-driven funding environment, access to data is critical. UpMetrics’ platform empowers the impact investment and philanthropic communities with data and actionable insights to inform decisions, allocate resources, and design quality programs that effect lasting change.”

In alignment with their vision towards creating a data-driven ecosystem that drives capital and resources to impact, UpMetrics will be delivering additional updates to its platform throughout 2024, including impact framework publishing tools to connect impact organizations and an advanced two-sided portfolio
reporting feature to streamline data collection and information sharing between funders and impact producers. For more information, visit https://upmetrics.com/platform, or register for the free Impact Framework Builder via https://upmetrics.com/getstarted.

About UpMetrics
San Francisco-based UpMetrics is the leading impact measurement and management platform for mission-driven organizations. By combining innovative, easy-to-use technology, expert services, and a community designed around shared learning, UpMetrics is helping organizations to maximize positive social outcomes by making it easy to define impact goals within an impact framework, and then collect and use data to measure, improve, and report on impact outcomes, and tell their story with the world.
Visit UpMetrics at www.upmetrics.com.

Post by UpMetrics Staff
March 26, 2024