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The UpMetrics team recently attended the Mission Investors Exchange’s 2024 National Conference, which took place in Los Angeles. MIE is the leading impact investing network for foundations, philanthropic asset owners, and their partners, and we were particularly excited for the opportunity to hear from foundation leaders on how they are incorporating impact measurement and management (IMM) into their investing strategies. 

Fresh out of the conference, here are some takeaways we’re eager to share after connecting with the community:

  • IMM has become a hot topic, evidenced by the new tracks and sessions dedicated to the subject. Clearly, foundations are eager to learn more, and for now are mostly relying on consultants to lead these sessions and plan their impact strategy.
  • Foundations are increasingly exploring ways to connect the impact of their grantmaking with the impact of their investments. We were eager to engage in this discussion and share our experience as an organization that provides impact measurement solutions to nonprofits, foundations, portfolio companies and impact investors alike. 
  • Impact Frameworks were recognized as a crucial component to one’s impact strategy, but operationalizing them remains a challenge. In discussing the roll-out of our revamped IMM suite, which includes a free-to-access Impact Framework Builder, foundations were intrigued by the opportunity to optimize their impact measurement and empower their grantees and investees with a unique way to define and share their impact. 

Kyle Lukianuk with Joanna and Devon

With over 750 foundations and funds in attendance, there was no shortage of inspiration and innovative ideas to be found, and we can’t wait to see how the MIE community continues to grow alongside the impact measurement boom. Until then - if you were someone who connected with us at the conference, or are interested in discussing these topics further, you can reach out to info@upmetrics.com. See you at the next conference! 

(Pic: UpMetrics' Kyle Lukianuk with Joanna Kuang of Illumen Capital and Devon Sanford of Visa Foundation) 


Post by UpMetrics Staff
May 21, 2024