It’s rarely easy to raise money, and the global pandemic isn’t helping. The nonprofit sector has always relied on relationships to fundraise. Events and in-person meetings are a thing of the past. What do you do when traditional fundraising channels are no longer possible? Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations have not taken advantage of their board members' full reach, due largely to lack of clear data about the organization's impact. 


But board members need help to articulate the impact of the nonprofits they are associated with. The UpMetrics data visualization platform and impact analytics tool was designed to allow for seamless communication and alignment between nonprofit stakeholders. Here are 3 ways that UpMetrics can support board members to fundraise on behalf of their nonprofits.


1. Empower board members with data to tell stories

UpMetrics makes it easy for everyone in your organization to visualize impact and gather insights. Our flexible data visualization tools were designed specifically with impact organizations in mind, so nonprofits can analyze data and share success metrics with stakeholders. With UpMetrics, board members can reference basic information like who you are serving, and how often. And keeping board members up to date with real-time information is easy with UpMetrics sharing tools. Nonprofit executives can easily create dashboards specifically built with board members in mind. With UpMetrics, nonprofit staff can provide board members with the essential information they need to tell your organization's story. You can also share individual data visualizations to share ongoing updates as they become available. 


2. Share inspiring anecdotes from the field

Telling your organization’s story should include more than just numbers. Donors want to understand the transformative work they are contributing towards.  That requires sharing the human element of your organization’s work in addition to metrics for success. With UpMetrics knowledge management database, nonprofits can collect anecdotes, articles, testimonials, photos, and more, and seamlessly share with board members, arming them with moving stories to share with existing and new donors. 


3. Communicate real time-updates towards fundraising goals

Creating positive momentum during fundraising is important. Nonprofit executives can create UpMetrics dashboards to track progress towards fundraising goals over time and highlight progress with stakeholders. The dashboards update automatically in real-time, and allows for seamlessly updates across board members as they continue to march towards fundraising goals. With easy-to-use sharing tools, board members can share those updates with prospective and current donors to motivate donors to help them close funding gaps. Finally, UpMetrics goals dashboards allows for nonprofits to incorporate context to the data in the form of Stories. This allows nonprofits executives to arm board members with powerful qualitative data to communicate with board members the factors that are contributing towards their progress. 


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Post by Maureen Coleman
September 10, 2020