The Key to Empowering Nonprofit Board Members with Compelling Information at the End of the Year: Board Reports

As we approach the end of 2020, many of us are eager to “turn the page” on an obviously challenging year, and look forward to a fresh start. And yet, for the nonprofit sector in particular, this is a crucial time when leadership must focus on the present moment. As is the case in any other “normal” year, the holidays present fundraising opportunities, but this year, taking advantage of these opportunities is even more crucial for many nonprofits who have not been able to rely on traditional fundraising avenues (galas, in person events, etc.). Unique to 2020 also, is that this time will necessitate reflection and strategic planning, as many nonprofits confront the realities of this year - limited fundraising channels and budget cuts as the demand for services rises - and how they will continue to serve their communities in spite of these challenges. With this in mind, for many nonprofit staff, leadership, and board members, it will be “all hands on deck” and require a lot of collaboration for the remaining weeks this year.

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