Pathmonk Presents Podcast: UpMetrics Marketing Director Kim Lynes on the Buying Journey and Value-Driven Marketing

By UpMetrics Staff

Kim Lynes joins Pathmonk Presents Podcast host Lukas Haensch to discuss how UpMetric’s combination of technology and humanity helps our clients reach more support and growth. We all have the opportunity to make a difference, incite change and impact through social good. There are organizations that nobly manifest opportunities to improve the world. However, they can always do with more support to articulate their impact and inspire action.


What’s Pathmonk Presents Podcast? Pathmonk Presents is a fast and effective show to sharpen your growth marketing skills. The 20 min episodes offer data-backed success and failure stories featuring top business leaders. The host is always sure to work his magic and reveal the inner workings of both the business and the leader. Below is a snippet from the conversation with UpMetrics Marketing Director, Kim Lynes. Learn more about how UpMetrics is working to shift how philanthropy approaches impact analytics and meet prospects where they are by listening to the full episode here.


"We’re there to support impact organizations with our unique impact analytics platform that helps social good organizations to gain insight, drive action and inspire change. Collecting data is one thing but it is no longer enough to drive change. UpMetrics was created to more effectively drive resources to impact. At the time we were founded by the Payne Family Foundation, there was no technical resource or platform to help these organizations analyze their impact and influence effectively. 


We agree that the notion of storytelling is the most effective means of communication. So we have set up the platform so you can incorporate multiple existing data sources. In addition, you can collect new data, and produce data visualizations that will power a data-driven story that communicates your true impact in a way that inspires people to act. This means qualitative data, too, not just quantitative, since quotes/photos/videos/news/reports/etc provide crucial context as you build your narrative."


While discussing the inspiration behind and growth channels of UpMetrics with Pathmonk Present’s host Lukas, Kim acknowledges that UpMetrics too like to focus on storytelling to drive growth and increase our conversions. Essentially, although cliche, we practice what we preach. The Pathmonk team are lovers of the buying journey and relished in Kim’s conscientious effort to understand the buying journey of our prospects and what influences them through their pilgrimage to drive impact. 


Businesses are moving away from giving the customer what they think they want, to using consumer data to drive product development and messaging. This audience-based and value-driven strategy is how we make a genuine connection with the customer, beyond just their interest in our platform. You can leverage audience data and start to understand that your audience is your most valuable asset. Listen in to discover more about our people and business with a little touch of insight into Kim’s strategies and ideas for successful business growth. 

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