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June 2024: A more defined 'DEFINE' stage has graced the UpMetrics platform!

As part of our first batch of June platform updates, we're excited to share new features designed to make 'Define' (the first step of our DeCAL methodology) a more dynamic experience for both our Starter Pack and upgraded IMM Suite users. 

New Feature - Direct Impact

Track Direct Impact vs. Indirect Impact 

You'll now be able to differentiate between the impact you make directly (to your end beneficiaries) and the impact you make indirectly (based on the impact your end beneficiaries are making)

A framework that has access to direct impact and indirect impact will have a toggle at the top of the page that allows them to go back and forth. All dimensions will be the same across the framework, but the objectives and KIIs will be separate.

New Feature - Pathway

Use Pathways to Group Objectives & KIIs

You can now group your objectives and KIIs so you can track them across dimensions more effectively. Pathways can be used for different impact themes, programs your organization runs, or different groups you serve.

A framework that leverages pathways will see groupings below the dimensions with a title outlining the pathway along with the ability to add more pathways at the bottom of the page. If the framework has direct impact and indirect impact as well, the pathways will be distinct and will not belong in both sections. 

New Feature - Framework ExampleNew Feature - Framework Template and Impact Types

Leverage Impact Framework Templates

Based on the above features, the UpMetrics methodology has been updated to 4 different templates. Each of these templates will use the UpMetrics dimensions:

  • Producer Basic - This template is the simplest version and will match what users see today. There will not be pathways or direct/indirect impact.
  • Producer Advanced - This template is designed for producers that run multiple programs, or serve multiple beneficiaries. There will be pathways but not direct/indirect impact.
  • Funder Basic - This template is designed with funders in mind so that they can track their direct and indirect impact separately, but for smaller funders or funders solely focused on one issue area. There will be direct/indirect impact but not pathways.
  • Funder Advanced - This template is our most complex framework style and is designed for funders that want to separate their impact by direct and indirect and also have multiple program types or issue areas. There will be direct/indirect impact and pathways.

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Post by UpMetrics Staff
June 12, 2024